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Signature Eco Wash

No. 2 Signature Eco Wash is a lovely mineral-based detergent. It is a non-biological formula which is gentle, effective at stain removal, and free from toxins and harsh chemicals. It is perfect for use at low temperatures and has a blissfully refreshing fragrance.

Even better, it is packaged in 100% aluminium, with a compostable label, so you can save the planet while you save your clothes.

No. 2 gently cleans, refreshes and revives your everyday garments time and time again.


  • (1 cap = 6ml)

    Full load/light soiling: 1.5-2 caps

    Full load/heavy soiling: 3-3.5 caps

    Pour wash into your machine drawer and place on a regular low-temperature water cycle. Ideal for low-temperature washing, saving on water and energy during the washing cycle too.