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My Desert Rose - About Us


The desert rose is a flowering plant, indigenous to the African desert. In one of the driest, most desolate environments on earth, it blooms with a bright spray of delicate pink-and-white flowers, completely at odds with its harsh surrounds. 

This remarkable flower got us thinking of the many high-end fashion items stashed away in dark cupboards – fashion deserts, if you will. My Desert Rose is a platform where these beautiful items can be “new” again for someone else and spark joy with every wear. 



My Desert Rose was founded by Katie Pearse, a fashion management graduate of the London College of Fashion. While living in the UK, Katie discovered the unique fashion treasures that can be unearthed through second-hand shopping. But on returning to South Africa, she found the high end of the second-hand market disappointingly underserved. She started My Desert Rose both to make high-end and designer fashion pieces more accessible to those who would not be able to afford the items new, as well as to honour the pieces themselves by giving them a second life.



At My Desert Rose, we view luxury garments and accessories as works of art, exquisitely designed and crafted, using quality materials. Unlike fast fashion, which is made to be replaced, expert craftsmanship is made to last. So, although the items in our online store are pre-owned, they’re still in beautiful condition. And there’s something special about investing in a classic and knowing that very few, if any, other people own it too!    



At My Desert Rose, we believe it’s our responsibility to build a better, more sustainable fashion business that’s kinder to the environment and the community. 

Slow Fashion:  By giving sellers a simple, secure platform through which to sell their pre-loved fashion items, we prevent those items from ending up in a landfill. And in selling these items to new owners, we give our buyers the joy and confidence that comes with wearing a beautiful piece of wearable art. 

Community:  We strongly believe that all people should feel good in their clothes. That’s why we’ve partnered with an NGO to hold Street Stores, where homeless people can enjoy the dignity of “shopping” for clean, well-kept, well-fitting clothes, free of charge.

Environment:  Conscious of the fact that we run an online business, which necessitates shipping, we’ve also partnered with Spekboom For Climate Change – for every order placed on My Desert Rose, we donate a spekboom to be planted. We also use sustainable packaging for all of our orders.   


Everyone wants to change the world, but it’s a daunting prospect – where do you even start? At My Desert Rose, we believe that through the simple act of making more sustainable choices around fashion – whether choosing to sell or donate your own pre-loved items or buying someone else’s – you can be the change you want to see.