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Get involved in Second Hand September with these 5 tips.

September 15, 2021 2 min read

Get involved in Second Hand September with these 5 tips.

Second Hand September is a  30-Day movement encouraging consumers not to purchase any new clothes for the entire duration of September. The campaign, created by Oxfam in the UK, is a reminder to consumers about the harmful impact of the  fast fashion industry on the environment and encourages conscious shoppers to take alternative steps in supporting sustainable fashion and reducing the carbon footprint of fashion.


5 Secondhand September Tips:

1. Rent an outfit
In an overpopulated world filled with clothing it would make sense to start sharing wardrobes instead of buying new items seasonally. There are various online platforms to rent out a one of a kind designer piece for that special occasion. 


2. Care for your clothing
Easily extend the life of your favourite garment by using the right laundry products at home. The  Clothes Doctor has a wide variety of  products for your silks and cashmeres so you can avoid an expensive and unsustainable trips to the dry cleaners. 


3. Repair your clothing
Instead of throwing away damaged clothing, why not try to fix your beloved items first. Do-it-yourself or visit the nearest tailor. All garments deserve a second chance, whether it’s replacing missing buttons or stitching up a tear. 


4. Try upcycling your wardrobe
Get Creative! We all have an idea in our head of how a fabric could be transformed. Instead of throwing away a garment try upcycling and refashioning that silk shirt into a scarf.


5. Shop second hand online, or visit a vintage store
Grab a cup of coffee and browse your local vintage store, they often have hidden gems. If you’re short on time or want to shop from the comfort of your couch, there are many online boutiques that curate and authenticate pre-loved designer luxury, such as  My Desert Rose


Embrace these 5 tips to join the Second Hand September movement and make a positive difference. 






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