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Fast Fashion is cancelled, and not just by the Gen-Z’s

June 07, 2021 2 min read

Fast Fashion is cancelled, and not just by the Gen-Z’s

Fast Fashion is the process of imitating trends and styles from the big name designers on the runway, and even though this enables us to access fashion cheaply, it holds a negative effect on the environment and for those creating the garments. Fast Fashion is the mass production of these imitated trends at extremely low costs. 


Have you ever wondered about the journey of an item that you have purchased? From sourcing the materials to the moment you receive it and how the price of that item relates to that journey? The majority of fast fashion items are made from plastics and through cheap labour - making fast fashion more than just an environmental issue.


11 Million Garments 
End Up In The Landfill

Each Week


With an abundance of cheap clothing, people are buying unnecessary amounts, wearing it only a handful of times and then discarding it. This means that more clothes are being produced, and consumed without any real value. Studies have shown that, just in the UK alone, out of the 2 tonnes of clothing purchased every minute, 11 million garments end up in the landfill each week.


Even though fast fashion is still very prominent in today’s world, people are becoming more aware of how toxic that whole fashion system is and are slowly moving towards sustainable fashion.


There are seven different forms of sustainable fashion that make up its actual definition:
  1. On demand and custom made items - these are made-to-order, custom made or bespoke items.
  2. Green and Clean - these are brands that are clean and green throughout all phases of a products life cycle, from harvesting the materials to the moment a consumer receives their purchase.
  3. High quality and timeless designs - items of high quality tend to be made in small batches and will last you a lifetime!
  4. Fair and ethical - this is fair and ethical practices including production, artisanal crafts and animal rights.
  5. Repair, redesign and up-cycle - this one speaks for itself. Let’s cancel the throw away culture.
  6. Rent, lease and swap
  7. Secondhand and vintage items
Our aim at My Desert Rose is to give new life to pre-loved or gently-used luxury fashion items, by buying and selling high quality second hand pieces. We make it easy for you to find sustainable gems.


It is so important to know and understand more about these different forms. The way you adopt sustainable fashion can vary between any one of these forms, or maybe even all of them! The form you adopt depends on your preference as an individual - not all forms will suit all people equally. While some will advocate for the necessity of eco-friendly clothes made locally and from sustainably sourced materials, others prefer finding vintage or second hand gems. Some believe that recycling and repurposing old items is the way to go, and others prefer to switch, swap or trade their clothes. 


No matter the choice, aligning yourself with at least one of these forms can ensure a better future for the planet.


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